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Foot Detox Machine Comparison

All ionic foot detox machines are not created equal!

There are many ionic foot baths available today. Their popularity has been growing along with the number of people who have benefited from their healing sessions. A foot detox machine may well cost you over $1,000 up to $3,000. There are also some very cheap machines on the internet. Unfortunately with them, you get what you pay for!

When comparing ionic foot detox machines, there are a few key questions we ask:

Power: Many of the less expensive spas are not adequately powered, have faulty circuitry or may be unsafe. As defined by the Bohr model of physics, there must be at least 13.26 volts to produce hydrogen ionization. A quality foot spa will have a power supply of at least 19 volts with some having 24 volts. This insures the correct intensity or amperage can be maintained. All machines have some way of monitoring the intensity so that proper ionization will be produced. Inferior machines will produce some ionization but not the amount of desired negative hydrogen ions needed for maximum effect.

Polarity: When it comes to polarity, it is easy to get confused. An array is comprised of 2 sets of plates. One set is connected to the positive side of the power supply and one set is connected to the negative side. Ionization occurs in the water from the exchange of electrical current flowing from one array to the other. Polarity is reversed by changing by simply switching the negative and positive inputs to each side of the array. Most machines operate in one mode not switching polarity. Here is where it gets sticky. The desired effect of a foot detox is from the production of negative ions. Some people claim that by reversing polarity, you produce positive ions and that a user may benefit from an alternating negative and positive session. Science says this is not true. The same ionization occurs no matter which plate is positive or negative. Energy practitioners that use kinesiology or muscle testing prefer to have the option and some machines are preset to alternate a certain percentage, like 70%-30% negative and positive. Some machines allow for the practitioner to set to their own specifications.

Our Top 3 Picks !

Based on consumer and practitioner reviews and pricing!

More on the Aqua Chi

One of the pioneers in Ionic Foot Detoxification is the Aqua Chi. In business since 2000 they were the first American made foot detox machine. The Aqua Chi set precedence for many manufacturers to try and duplicate but most did not come close. The Aqua Chi is a proven quality foot bath made right here in America and comes with a 5 year warranty. Loyal Aqua Chi users swear there is no comparison.

Aqua Chi

Standard Kit $1,395

aqua chi standard

Practitioner Kit $1,595

aqua chi pro

Completely American Made Completely American Made
Manual Power Settings Manual Power Setting
1 array plus 2 extra ring sets 2 arrays plus 20 extra ring sets
External 110v/24v power source External 110v/24v power source
No Foot bath tub Built in foot bath tub
No Tub liners Tub liners
Additional GFCI safety device Additional GFCI safety device
Full 5 year warranty Full 5 year warranty
User Handbook User Handbook

More on the Ion Spa

The Ion Spa began in 2004 as Bella Spa. The owner began by purchasing a machine for his own use and benefited greatly from the spa treatments. Unfortunately at the time, his machine broke and he had trouble with the warranty and repairs. Fortunately for thousands of satisfied clients since, Bella Spa and The Ion Spa were born. In 2010 the Ion Spa was purchased by RGV Vibe and Detox Center LLC.

The Ion Spa is a world leader in ionic foot baths. Machines are made 100% in America and carry an industry leading warranty. What some people pay $1000's for you may now own for yourself with 3 models to choose from ranging from $795-$1,395. Aside from the quality components and customer support, the Ion Spa offers cutting edge technology. The two upper level machines offer their own Intellidrive system which actually adjusts the intensity throughout the session where most machines may weaken toward the end of the session.

The Ion Spa has released it's newest version, V-7, December 5th 2009!

The new portable and professional units are packed full of the most features yet!

The Ion Spa

Personal Kit

ion spa personal

Portable Kit

ion spa portable

Pro (100 session kit)

ion spa pro

Completely American Made Completely American Made Completely American Made
Manual Power Settings Intellidrive Automatic Power System Intellidrive Automatic Power System
Positive and negative polarity option Positive and negative polarity options Positive and negative polarity options
3 power level settings Multi power settings Multi power settings
1 array 1 array plus 2 extra plates 2 arrays plus 2 extra plates
External 110v/24v power source External 110v/24v power source External 110v/24v power source
Foot bath tub Foot bath tub Molded tub with built in controls
Tub liners Tub liners 100 tub liners
Disinfectant Extra disinfectant Extra disinfectant
Cleaning Solution Extra cleaning solution Extra cleaning solution
Additional GFCI safety device Additional GFCI safety device Additional GFCI safety device
Safety CE and Ul certified Safety CE and Ul certified Safety CE and Ul certified
Full 2 year warranty Full 2 year warranty Full 3 year warranty
User Handbook User Handbook User Handbook

More on New Cell Detox

The New Cell Detox unit has been around since 2005 and is highly regarded among practitioners and home users. These units have been working in the field for years now. Professional quality at a price that a consumer can afford! A complete starter kit is included so that you can enjoy your first cleansing session as soon as it arrives!

The main processor chip is manufactured in America. The rest is manufactured and assembled in China to reduce less important manufacturing costs. New Cell Detox warranties their units for 2 years and will repair or replace your unit from Colorado if there is a problem. The units are privately labeled for New Cell Detox and are the same as the AOK Ion Cell Cleanse.

Ionic Foot Detox

Complete Kit comes with:

Comparison Chart:

Brand Price Voltage Dual Polarity Complete Kit Warranty
Ion Cleanse Solo
1 year
Aqua Chi Standard
5 year
The Ion Spa
3-5 year
New Cell Detox
2 year
Cell Spa

*** The Cell Spa units are among the cheapest units and are generally only sold online. You will see these units sold under many different names. There are also different looking models produced by the same manufacturer. While working various trade/health shows, we spoke to several people who had purchased variations of these ionic foot detox machines only to throw them away and purchase a better quality machine. You may find these machines at prices below $400 (although we have seen unscrupulous salesmen selling them for as much as $1,000 or more) but buyer beware.

Our goal is to help you, the consumer, make an informed decision and to help you get the best deal possible on a quality foot spa.

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cell energy ionic minerals

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