Cleansing and Detox

Our Toxic Environment

Understanding Environmental Illness and the toxic surroundings we live in is extremely important because without proper detoxification it can be very difficult or impossible to achieve the desired health results we are seeking.

Government Involvement
The human body is constantly being exposed to harmful substances. According to Dr. Mark Hyman in an article published in Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, (March 2007), 80,000 new chemicals have been introduced into our environment since the start of the 20th century. Understanding the governments’ role and what it does to protect you is important. One problem is that only a few hundred of these substances have been thoroughly tested and even those have been recommended for further testing to determine long term effects. The Department of Public Health and Safety has a web site “Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry” There were under 300 substances evaluated as of March 2007. Included in the potentially hazardous substances is what is known as “heavy metals”. These are toxic metals that we are exposed to on a surprisingly regular basis. They include aluminum, lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic and antimony. On the site, a public health statement on aluminum drafted in September 2006 states that “you always have some exposure to low levels of aluminum from eating food, drinking water, and breathing air.” Some items that contain aluminum are food additives including baking powder and table salt, medicines including some buffered aspirin and antacids, vaccines, cosmetics including deodorant and even some infant formulas. Another common way metals enter the food chain is cooking with aluminum cookware. They went on to say that the average adult in the United States consumes 7-9mg of aluminum in their diet every day. One more part of the statement gave the EPA’s criteria for determining the acceptable levels of aluminum in public drinking water. The criteria were based on color, taste, and smell. The criteria specifically had nothing to do with possible health effects.

Synergism and Cumulative Damages to the Body
The statement on aluminum informs you these levels are normal and acceptable even though they warn that people with weak kidneys or kidney disease may store excessive amounts of aluminum and that aluminum may be linked to bone and brain disease including Alzheimer’s. The most important factors are being overlooked. It is common for pharmaceuticals to have synergistic effects, those unpredictable multiplying effects that can happen when you combine 2 or more normally “safe” medications. The possibilities should be of equal concern regarding the 80,000 chemicals in our environment. More apparent is the potential for cumulative damages. The assumption or suggestion that our detoxification systems can process a seemingly endless amount of toxins is simply irresponsible and the evidence to the contrary is finally beginning to get the attention it deserves.

Body Detoxification takes place Naturally
Our bodies have the natural ability to detoxify themselves. They are constantly working to rid themselves of toxins. The lymphatic, respiratory, urinary, gastrointestinal systems and the skin all work together to keep the body free from harmful substances. It is when they become overloaded the problems begin. When the body can not rid itself of these toxins fast enough it stores them. It stores those most often in fat as well as in bone and organs. This is the cumulative effect. It may take a relatively short amount of time to several years for people to notice the effects. The symptoms often manifest themselves in what appears to be unrelated and is most often treated that way. Treatment of the symptom with a new chemical may relieve the complaint but it just adds to the body’s toxic overload while confusing its' delicate natural defense system. 

Toxins and Metabolism
To further demonstrate how our systems are all related Mark Hyman discusses how toxins influence metabolism and weight loss. He states: “The influence of toxins on metabolism occurs through five key mechanisms: hormonal regulation, neuro-regulatory mechanisms, immuno-regulatory mechanisms, mitochondrial function, and oxidative stress.” He also states that “these systems are not discrete entities but systems in the true sense of the word – interlocking, interactive, dynamic, overlapping networks of biochemical and physiological informational spheres of functional relationships.”

To further complicate our excessive exposure to harmful substances, the detox system is weakened by lifestyle choices. Clinical studies on stress show the detrimental physiological effects on the body. Stress is not simply mental exhaustion but it actually has a profound physical effect. This further burdens the detoxification system. Reducing stress and increasing stress relieving activities will help with detoxification.

What Can Be Done
Once a person begins to see the extent of the problem we are facing, it is quite easy to become overwhelmed. It may be best to start slowly to clean up their personal environment along with getting clinical help for a complete body detoxification. A clinical evaluation will help determine the best path to recovery. Detoxification can be dangerous if you are suffering from heavy exposure and have a compromised detoxification system. There are also a wide range of cleanses available and some are better than others and some have better marketing than others. A truly deep, comprehensive and long term full body detoxification will require more than a 7, 14, or 21 day store bought detox program.

The ionic body balancing that occurs from a foot detox helps the body remove these toxins and remove them at a safe and comfortable rate. Persons suffering from acute toxicity my need more gentle and time elapsed therapy than someone who is relatively healthy. Either way, an ionic foot detox is the most single effective detoxification device available today. It is recommended that along with regular detox sessions a person also supplement their diet with good quality trace minerals and a steady intake of water to help excrete the toxins.

To assist with detoxification and staying healthy, these areas should also be addressed:

Modern medicine has made great technological advances since the 20th century. Technology has also produced an exponential amount of new problems. Instead of trying to put a band aid on a warning sign, holistic medicine and cleansing address the root cause. Modern medicine certainly has its place in the emergency room but much more attention needs to be given to cleaning up the long term cumulative damage and preventing it from continuing. Without proper detoxification and the maintenance of a clean environment, we are committing ourselves to perpetuating the cycle of creating new disease and illness and their “cures”.


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